21 Nov

nah si fira ini ya skarang itu makannya tambah ga jelas, klo dikasi porsi gede biasanya ga dihabisin, tp bentar2 ky mo makan gt (ky emaknya hueheuheu), jd belakangan emg kukasi porsi kecil2 makannya tapi sehari bisa ampe 5 kali makan 😀

Babies have a tiny stomach and tend to be happier consuming small amounts of food throughout the day rather than three square meals. You can build snack time into your baby’s daily routine so it doesn’t conflict with feedings. (Side benefit: Making snack time part of the program may even help prevent overeating and later obesity, experts say.) A good schedule is two snacks a day, one between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner. Some parents also serve a bedtime snack.

Finger foods, which are likely already a part of your baby’s diet, make a perfect snack. If your baby hasn’t started eating finger foods yet, he’s ready as soon as he can use his thumb and fingers to pick up morsels. Introduce new flavors and textures such as small pieces of ripe, peeled fruit (avoid citrus fruits, which are more likely to cause skin irritation and possibly allergic reactions), soft cooked vegetables, low-sugar O-shaped cereal, small pieces of chicken or tofu, diced cheese, or well-cooked spiral pasta. Essentially any food that your baby eats at mealtime (including leftovers) doubles as a great snack. Choose healthy, age-appropriate alternatives to junk food and high-calorie packaged goods.

Even when it’s just a snack, feed your baby in a highchair or securely on your lap — especially if the snack includes finger foods — to prevent choking. When introducing new foods, wait at least three days between each one so you can identify any allergic reactions your baby might have.

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