Help Ban Triclosan!

19 Jan

We need your voice to ban the antibacterial chemical triclosan, which is now found in the bodies of 75% of the US population and is linked to endocrine disruption, bacterial and antibiotic resistance, dioxin contamination, and contaminated fish and biosolids.

What to do:

Sample Language:

Re: Petition for a Ban on Triclosan. Docket Number: EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0548

I am writing to support the concerns raised in the petition regarding the prevalence of the toxic pesticide triclosan in consumer products. Research has shown that triclosan poses a threat to human health, contaminates water and persists in the environment. EPA has a responsibility under the law to protect the health of the public and the environment and must move to do so now. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds triclosan concentrations are increasing in the human population, triclosan is too dangerous a chemical to be allowed in consumer products as it is causing involuntary exposure directly and through environmental contamination. Triclosan has been linked to:

  • endocrine disruption as it interferes with the thyroid hormone, estrogen and androgen hormones and as a result can impact fetal development
  • bacterial resistance and possible cross-resistance to antibiotics
  • contaminated biosolids that are used for compost and agricultural fertilizer
  • toxic and more persistent breakdown products including dioxins and other endocrine disruptors
  • accumulation in plants, crustaceans and is toxic to amphibians, algal communities and certain fish species

Since triclosan is no more effective than regular soap and water at reducing bacteria, there is absolutely no need for triclosan to be incorporated into consumer products, given the hazards to people and the environment. I sincerely hope your agency takes the threats posed by triclosan seriously and moves quickly to rid this chemical from consumer products.


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Organization, Concerned Citizen, etc.

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